We tend to change our current favorite games a lot. Keep an eye out here for our thoughts on these games!

Current Favorite

Flesh and Blood TCG


It's a game that Delton has taken to, all about being a hero that is fighting with all their might. A two player card game where you try to best your opponent with an interesting resource system, and a fresh style of play. I recommend checking it out!

If you want to hear more thoughts, check out our episode about it  below.

All Time Favorites

Dominant Species

Delton's all time favorite game is Dominant Species by Chad Jensen. It is a brain burner. The game is all about long term strategy and making sure your species is dominant before the ice age comes. A long game, and not for everyone, but Delton loves it.

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Twilight Struggle

Hayley's favorite game is Twilight Struggle by Ananda Gupta and Jason Matthews. It is a tight tug of war where one player plays the United States, and the other plays USSR during the Cold War. The opposing sides vye over control of the world and leverage political events for different gain. It's a game that will no doubt teach you some history, as well as make you want to learn to play better.

Click below to listen to our episode about it.

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