Hello all!


    As you have heard on the podcast, it's my birthday month in June! Woo! Even though Hayley got me tickets for AEW in Vegas, and spent way to much for us to have a vacation; she also got me Oath! If you know me you know I am a big fan of Cole Wehrle, especially Pax Pamir 2e. I loved my one play of Root and plan to get it next, and I really liked An Infamous Traffic. I've been so intrigued by Oath and I'm so excited to be able to sink my teeth into some! It's a unique game that is almost the most legacy of the non legacy games. It has a system that changes the game between every play, and carries decisions over to create a world that continues to evolve and change as the plays add up. Its truly a facinating style. I don't understand the details of it all yet as I have yet to even read the rules! However I'm very excited to dig in.


If you have played it and have anything you think I should know, or just want to voice your opinion, just let me know!


Thanks, all!

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