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Delton and Hayley are the hosts of Malthaus Games. A tabletop gaming podcast all about different games, as well as good craft beers. The podcast started in January of 2018 and has been going steady and strong since. Podcasting is the main focus of Malthaus Games but they also enjoy making videos, streaming on Twitch, and just trying to find new ways to connect with the audience.

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"Add that to your definition book" - Hayley


Delton Brack

Small town kid that moved to the big city. Erm, sort of. Delton grew up in a small Oklahoma town of 1200 people and then moved to Oklahoma City for college. He got into the hobbiest side of board games in 2012. He dove in headfirst and has yet to come up for air. He got his wife Hayley into board games early on into their relationship and now they both enjoy them together, and with friends of course. Delton also learned about the wide world of craft beer and homebrew during college. Once he introduced Hayley to her first IPA she fell in love with better beer, and they embarked on a journey to try many different beers in many different places. Delton also enjoys video games, drumming, mechanical keyboards, and baking.

Hayley Twyman Brack

Hayley is the smartest cookie in the package that is Malthaus Games. She came from a bigger town of 12,000 in Oklahoma, went to college, then moved to Oklahoma City to live with Delton and start her masters degree. She is a LPC by day, a satire writer by night, and a board gamer in her spare time. Hayley enjoys cats more than most, but she likes dogs too. She loves a good IPA, reading a book on Soviet era communism, and learning more on her guitar. She enjoys a good documentary, and some of The Office when she needs a laugh. Hayley brings the comedy to Malthaus Games, as well as the delicious dinners. She's the better cook in the house with her delicious curries, falafel, potato soup, and so much more. Hayley also enjoys beating Delton at any game 90% of the time.

Good games, good beer, and good people

Malthaus Games is something that was born as a hobby project, and has
only been able to grow thanks to support from many people. We are so lucky to
have friends that encouraged us along the way, and family that pushed us to keep going with what we love. 
We just wanted to say thank you to everyone who has helped us along the way.
Alan for inspiring us. Allison for pushing us. Bryan for helping us with our logo, play testing, and talking about ideas.
There are always more people to thank but I don't want to make you read forever!
A final thanks to all of our Patrons that support us every month.
These contributions have helped so much in improving the podcast,
as well as our videos and ideas themselves. Without you we wouldn't be where we are today.

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